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Building Your New Home! Keep These Points In Mind!!

One of the best feelings in the world is to have a self owned home. Owning a house is the most exciting feeling for anyone and if you happen to be a first timer, this goes to a next level altogether. The happiness of buying or constructing a house or flat and witnessing its development right from foundation layout to construction of walls to final touches in itself is an unparallel experience. It gives you a freedom from all those hassles of renting and leasing and gives a sense of ownership, satisfaction and pride.

The moment you take up the chore of constructing your home, with joy comes a greater responsibility of planning the layout, finding the right contractor to getting all approvals from government bodies. The process of getting your home constructed goes from 12 months to 18 months depending upon the size of structure and nearby environmental, geological, social conditions. Also, construction material, resources and funds play a vital role on the speed of construction process.

When planning a new house construction, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of construction should always be good, never rush up the job, do not try to cut the corners or use sub standard materials to cut short on cost. Remember, this is your home, heaven for your family and above all it is your dream which would stay with you throughout your life. A good house is one which requires low maintenance and has a strong structure with long durability.

When making the design and planning the layout, always ask your architect for a design keeping in mind the environmental factors such as sunlight, rainwater and ventilation. The house should cater maximum sunlight and ventilation but minimum exposure to moisture and rainwater into the construction. Always try for eco-friendly options to contribute towards environment and nature and help reduce your carbon footprints.

Waterproofing your house is another aspect to be taken care prior to starting the construction for the longevity of your house. It is vital to use the best available products and make sure all the exposed points to seepage and leakage are treated properly with waterproofing agents and chemicals. The foundations, rooftops, external walls, bathrooms, basement, water tanks, seepage tank and balcony are some of the areas that must be taken proper care while constructing your house.

Bharat Chemicals provides a wide range of products for waterproofing such as MultiProof, MultiCrete, Crack Filler and many more for a more specific application area in your construction. We always focus on informing and educating our customers about our products so that they can take a well informed decision without relying on others.


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