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Always Consult your Architect before a Major Renovation


Having your home is the best feeling in the world and often you need to make small changes time to time according to the needs. But once in a long time you need to renovate your home and even add or modify the design of the structure. The renovation may include introducing a new floor, making changes according to Vastu-Shastra or latest trends or even renovating some decades old building. Regardless of the modifications you are undergoing, every major renovation could benefit from expert planning from an experienced and registered architect.

Often the involvement of an Architect is considered as an added cost due to expert involvement. Most people avoid it thinking architects are required for expensive home designs or for bigger high end projects. But on the contrary, houses require more specific engineering and planning in terms of space saving and space optimization along with aesthetics. An Architect can give a more detail evaluation and design and often architect exceeds your expectations and comes up with a more optimized renovation plan. Let us discuss the need of an architect before a major renovation.

Proper Planning

As an expert, an architect is a professional who understands your needs and would translate them into a plan to suit your requirements. He would have a sensitive and a professional approach while undergoing renovation of your home. He could even avoid unnecessary modifications and build ups to avoid extra cost and work.  An architect is capable of creating a refined project through his understanding for a smooth process of renovation which also include not only planning but proper execution plan.

Also, after the designing is done, a lot of detailing needs to be done which involves civil works, fittings, tiling and interiors with the help of contractors. Here the expertise of architect is used to create a plan which uses every space of house to its most optimum way.

Support Planning and Execution

An Architect is the professional who designs and plans your renovation, he would be in-charge of coordinating and connecting the various professionals and contractors required for the execution of the renovation. With his previous work and relations during work with different firms and agencies, an architect is the right man for your job. He will coordinate with a structural engineer, civil engineer, interior designer, hardware specialist to discuss plans and execute it accordingly to finish the job on time and as expected.

Technical Planning

An Architect is not only responsible for the aesthetics and physical design of the renovation process but plays a vital role in understanding the actual condition of the house before it undergoes the renovation. He can analyse the strong and weak points and areas in the building and can plan things accordingly keeping in mind the aesthetics and condition of structure.

He will even take care of the renovation process in sync with the existing structural conditions and construction laws of the area. It is one of the biggest issues addressed by architects while working to keep you away from any legal issues due to construction.

Quality and Quantity Planning

Quality and Quantity go hand in hand. You always want your hard earned money to be invested optimally in renovation. And in order to achieve this, it is important that you use standard quality products while renovating your home. The proper use of waterproofing agents must be done in order to avoid the exposure of moisture and water to the structure. The architect is the person who knows which product is to be used where and in what quantity to get the expected results.

Consulting an Architect is always a best practice as a lot of technical and civil aspects are required to be taken care of for a proper renovation which further gives a nice aesthetics and longevity to the house.

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